Aquarium Eggs on Glass? Please help identify!

The assumed "eggs" are clear around the edges and more opaque in the center,with a singular single black dot. They are individual not in a clump and randomly spaced on the front glass of the aquarium. They are not circular more bean shaped and approximately 1 1/2 16ths of an inch to slightly less than 1 16th of an inch.

Current inhabitant of the tank are danios, cory cats and a gourami, many plants and no snails. Tank has been running 6 months before sightings of "eggs" no new additions of plants or fish in about 2 months. Plants an ornaments have been sterilized prior to addition to tank with a 20/1 solution water/bleach. Please help!

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4 Responses to “Aquarium Eggs on Glass? Please help identify!”

  1. Ghost Shrimp Fan says:

    Sounds like cory cat eggs. Cories lay sticky eggs that they scatter around on the surfaces of things such as the walls of the tank and the decorations. Danio eggs would be scattered along the bottom of the tank and are usually extremely tiny and not sticky, while gouramis are bubblenesters. If you want to hatch them, you should probably take them out and put them either in another tank or some kind of breeder or seperate enclosure to protect them as your danios and gourami will eat most of them otherwise. Even just putting them into a fish net in the tank will do. Congratulations on your cories spawning! Cory fry are so cute! I hope you get some.

  2. Some1 who loves BETTAS!! says:

    Its either danio eggs or cory cat eggs. I think cory cats because they spread out everywhere and stick to things when danio eggs just sink. If you want to raise the fry, take them out into a heated 5 gallon tank and a sponge filter and get either micro worms or baby brine shrimp to feed them. You will have a higher success rate with live foods.

  3. Marcus says:

    Typical Cory behaviour and Danios scatter their eggs whilst Gourami are bubble nest builders.

    If you haven’t got a nursery tank do nothing and a small percentage will reach adulthood in the tank they are in.

    The eggs have been on the glass for about two days already and should hatch in around another two.

    I breed Cory, I’m sure :0)

  4. Jeffrey says:

    I bet its cory cats. Only cory cat eggs are be able to stick on glass, it was laid while cory still sticking the glass. Danio eggs are laid at the bottom.

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